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Stephen Thomas Cole[_3_] October 16th 18 08:44 PM

How is this Defamatory?
Stephen Thomas Troll wrote:
On Tue, 16 Oct 2018 19:09:55 +0100
Fred Roberts wrote:

On 09/10/2018 13:44, Spike wrote:

That's why he's taken the rejection so well, obviously. Just look at
his second response to Roland Perry.

Let me be clear about this, Reay makes a post targeting yet again one
of his victims, right? Reay loudly protests his innocence but it is
clear to the dogs in the street, the world and his wife, the birds in
the sky, even to the clowns on zello exactly what his game is and the
post gets rightly canned, right? This is the same Brian Reay who
preemptively moderates RSGBtech and censors people based on a "no
scum" policy but they haven't actually committed any offence, right?
This is the same Brian Reay who voted for the creation of UKRAM
thinking he'd be the moderator of it and has run a hate campaign
against Roger ever since he became moderator, right? ISCTM that Reay
not only favours moderation but moderation of the most ridiculous and
stupidly vindictive kind but doesn't like it up 'im even when he is
fairly moderated. Personally I haven't laughed so much in ages
hearing this vile little man squealing like a stuck pig.

Wanky Franky, , Wanky

Wanky Franky, Thanks, Wanky Franky.

This is more Frank Hunter GI4NKB, IMO:

Or maybe:


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