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RadioInsight via Admin June 10th 21 03:06 PM

[RadioInsight] Billy Sorrells Exits The Morning Hustle


Billy Sorrells Exits The Morning Hustle

Posted: 09 Jun 2021 04:15 PM PDT

RadioInsight has learned that Billy Sorrells has exited as co-host of Radio
One/Reach Medias syndicated The Morning Hustle.

Sorrells joined the show when it entered national syndication in January
2020 serving as a co-host and in-house comedian. Headkrack, Angie Ange and
Monica ‘Lore’l’ Torres remain in place on the show. A fifth member of the
show, On-Air Jordan departed last August.

Sorrells is a stand-up comedian and sketch comedy performer who previously
hosted Skits and Bits on Jaime Foxxs Foxxhole channel on SiriusXM. He
appeared on multiple seasons of Nick Cannons Wild N Out on MTV.

All references to Sorrells have been removed from the shows digital
properties and marketing materials.

Prepare For A July Fourth Format Change

Posted: 09 Jun 2021 09:00 AM PDT

I’ve listened to eight brand new radio stations since last Friday. Holiday
format changes are always a key moment when you write about or work in
radio, and it’s a positive sign of radio’s reopening that there are even a
few more than I’ve gotten to already. Two of the changes were to Classic
Hip-Hop-based formats, and you can read about them here.*One of them was
WHKF (Real 99.3), which made me happy because it was bringing R&B/Hip-Hop
back to Harrisburg, Pa., a market that keeps getting and losing R&B radio.*

I heard new stations I liked over the Memorial Day weekend. I heard
stations that pleasantly surprised me. But I have notes. I always have
notes. A new radio station comes with new challenges on a new landscape. A
new radio station comes with new responsibilities: Along with the music, it
needs to sell radio itself, not just its own frequency. If our summer of
guarded optimism continues, there will likely be even more format changes
on July 4. Here are some thoughts on making them great ones.*

A change won’t promote itself. As far back as 2007, I wrote an article on
how format changes could no longer expect to be noticed by osmosis. With
everything but the best, most galvanizing, most badly needed format change,
the existing cume is more likely to complain about the old format than do
the work of promoting the new one for you. Even in 2007, those format
changes supported by TV were more likely to be noticed, something
reinforced years later by the success of KISQ (the Breeze) San Francisco.
But July 4 weekend allows so many reach-the-beaches opportunity, especially
in a reopening North America, that there’s got to be some form of outside

Tell people what’s coming. You might have particular reasons for not
wanting to tip your hand, but KHJ Los Angeles, perhaps the most famous
format change of all time, survived rival KFWB’s attempts to pre-empt it,
and an earlier-than-planned start.*

Be the station of summer, especially this summer. Listeners want a summer.
They want a relief valve. It’s good to be the station of summer (even if
you’ve missed the first few weeks of it), and the station of a fresh
start. *

Make those launch promos count. Some stations are happy to just show up and
run the new ID into the new format. I like the launch promo, if only to
give the listeners an explanation of what’s happening, and offer a
handshake. Some are loaded with portent and sound like they’re written for
the station sales presentation, not the on-air moment. All should be
written so that the version you run throughout the launch weekend isn’t
longer than a spot and still makes sense out of its original context.

Begin as you mean to go on. New radio stations should be hosted from the
beginning. Two of the eight radio stations I heard were hosted when I
listened. Both were seemingly voice-tracked. One did a good job of not
sounding overtly canned. (And, truthfully, it’s probably best to assemble
that first hour in advance so it can be everything you want it to be.)*

Being hosted at this moment is a radio station’s superpower, but being
hosted in that first hour is important because it helps make the policy
statement for, and explain the intended usage of the radio station. They
can also be the ones making sure there’s localism from the beginning.
Listener calls may not be the same issue they once were, but having
somebody to field them is a good thing. Also, if you can get that authentic
“I love your new station” audio, it will be far more valuable than the
canned-sounding one in your imaging package.

But starting with the morning show is not ideal. After more than 15 years
of helping launch new formats, I can say with confidence that nothing
derails more station launches than starting at 6 a.m. with the morning team
held over from the old format on their regular morning-show clock. Morning
teams feel a need to do morning-show things, which runs counter to the
purpose of explaining how to listen to the radio station. I’ve heard
morning shows:

Give far more weight to their existing bits and benchmarks—“brand-new radio
station this morning, but we’ve still got celebrity gossip coming up”;
Do the usual first-day-at-a-new-station bit about who’s going to mess up
and say the old call letters first;
Undercut the newness of the radio station by reminding you that nothing has
really changed. “We’re like cockroaches; they can’t get rid of us.”
Broadcasters typically aim for continuity in this situation, but maybe it
should be, “We’ve made the switch to this new station and you should, too.”

Begin with a reasonable, sustainable music-quantity promise. It’s been
nearly 40 years since WAPP New York taught us what happened after your
Commercial-Free Summer, which did nothing to discourage stations from
10,000 Songs in a Row for launch after launch. Playing a lot of music on an
ongoing basis needs to be part of the sell now, unless you are launching a
station that so transcends the need for one. Doing this is a key in
allowing you to …

Begin with a serious commitment to a positive online experience. Artifacts
of the old format are the bane of every station’s change these days. I hear
plenty of those on many new station launches, as well as songs from the old
format. The length of the stopsets needs to be bearable, and they need to
avoid starting with a hard-sell spot cutting off the song I’m grooving to.
I still believe that “no bad commercials” is a valuable selling point for a
new station, and that includes competing with online stations. If there’s a
commitment to music quantity, that should be evident right away as well.

You have to fix the stopsets anyway. It’s a regular occurrence now that
format changes fail to catch all the leftover promos, remnant references to
previous stations, departed talent, and fill songs from the previous
format. Maybe better to run with the real stopsets, at least at the outset,
and not deal with the bulbous walrus (of the Progressive insurance spots)
washing up on listeners’ beach weekends.*

Make those app promos count. “Download our app and our skill” means nothing
this weekend. “Take us to the beach this weekend, because we’ll look for
you listening to our app” means a lot. KRTY San Jose proved that it’s
possible to get listeners to talk about app and smart-speaker usage in an
authentic-sounding way. *

Put listeners on the air everywhere, except in those first hours. Nothing
more typifies what’s wrong in the business than the phony-sounding listener
drop (“I love it! I listen all day!”) that appears on the air over the
second record of the first hour. But despite the issues of finding
authentic-sounding listener drops now, they need to be on the air
relatively quickly to confirm to the listener that something is happening
here, and so that listeners can vote yes by thanking you for the radio
station. Having listeners is a logical “phase II” for any sign on and it
ratifies your decision, especially if you aren’t hosted.

Program music boldly. On July 2, 1982, the then-AM-Top-40 version of KKBQ
(79Q) Houston became my station of the summer with the best of the new,
including the new-wave novelties that not everybody was yet playing, the
R&B crossovers that many would not, and “Seasons in the Sun” and scores of
other goofy novelties from the ‘70s. During Top 40’s last boom, KAMP (Amp
Radio) Los Angeles made a point of having 2-3 secret-weapon currents from
the outset, both to distinguish itself and to have some gauge of whether
KIIS was reacting. KAMP might not be aspirational for you now, but it was
an effective launch and the excitement it created over the current music
was part of it.

Ted Stryker To Exit KROQ Mornings

Posted: 09 Jun 2021 07:57 AM PDT

Ted Stryker has announced he will be leaving mornings at Audacy Alternative
106.7 KROQ Pasadena/Los Angeles.

Stryker has spent 22 years at the CBS Radio turned Audacy Los Angeles
cluster mostly with KROQ, but also briefly hosting afternoons at CHR 97.1
Amp Radio KAMP-FM after its launch in 2009/10. Since March 2020 he has
co-hosted mornings at KROQ with Kevin Klein after the duo moved from
afternoons. The show has been syndicated to Audacys Alt 96.5 KRBZ Kansas
City, Alt 103.7 KVIL Dallas, and Alt 105.3 KITS San Francisco since
September 2020. Stryker also previously co-hosted the syndicated Loveline
with Dr. Drew Pinsky from 2006 to 2009 and served as the on-screen DJ for
Ellen Degeneres talk show in 2007 and 2008.

Stryker will continue to host Compass Media Networks syndicated Out of
Order countdown show and fill-in on KROQ.

Kevin Klein, Ally Johnson and DJ Omar Khan will continue in mornings at

I’m making a change, thank you for your support @kroq

- Ted Stryker (@TedStryker) June 9, 2021

Alliance for Women in Media Foundation Announce 2021 Gracie Award Winners

Posted: 09 Jun 2021 05:42 AM PDT

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) announced the winners of
the 46th Annual Gracie Awards today to be presented on September 27, 2021
at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, while local and student
winners will be recognized virtually.

The Radio industry related winners a
Radio National Honorees

Allison Keyes (Weekend Roundup) CBS News Radio Frontline Special Report
[Radio National]
Alzheimers in Color (Latino USA) Futuro Media Documentary [Radio
Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]
Cami McCormick and Deborah Rodriguez (CBS World News Roundup) CBS News
Radio Crisis Coverage [Radio National Syndicated Commercial]
Chinas Coronavirus Crisis (All Things Considered) NPR (National Public
Radio) Crisis Coverage/Breaking News [Radio Nationally Syndicated
Danielle Monaro (Elvis Duran and the Morning Show) iHeartMedia/Premiere
Networks Co-host [Radio Nationally Syndicated Commercial]
DeDe McGuire (DeDe in the Morning) Compass Media Networks / Service
Broadcasting Group Host/Personality [Radio Nationally Syndicated
Estelle (The Estelle Show) Apple Music Radio Host/Personality- Digital
Streaming [Radio Nationally Syndicated Commercial]
Hilary Kramer (Hilary Kramers Millionaire Maker) Salem Media Group
Weekend Host / Personality- Talk Host [ Radio Nationally Syndicated
Commercial ]
Ina Jaffe (Morning Edition/Weekend Edition) NPR (National Public Radio)
Reporter / Correspondent / Host [Radio Nationally Syndicated
Jessica Beck (Snapshots from Black America) -BBC Radio 4 Producer [Radio
Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]
Jill Schlesinger (Jill on Money) CBS News Radio Talk Show [Radio
Nationally Syndicated Commercial]
Karen Travers (ABC News) ABC NEWS Outstanding News Anchor [ Radio
Nationally Syndicated Commercial ]
Lindsay Czarniak (Important Conversations with Lindsay Czarniak) SiriusXM
-News Feature [Radio Nationally Syndicated Commercial]
Lisa Abramowicz (Generation Interrupted) Bloomberg LP Special [Radio
Nationally Syndicated Commercial]
Lulu Garcia-Navarro & Peter Breslow (Weekend Edition Sunday) NPR (National
Public Radio) Public Affairs [Radio Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]
Marla Gibbs: A Living Treasure (Café Mocha Radio) Miles Ahead
Broadcasting/Compass Media Networks Interview Feature [Radio Nationally
Syndicated Commercial]
Noel King (How A Mother Protects Her Black Teenage Son From The World) NPR
(National Public Radio) Interview Feature [Radio Nationally Syndicated
Reconciling History: The Ordeal of One Last Surviving Sex Slave of Wartime
Philippines (Weekend Edition Sunday) NPR (National Public Radio)
Investigative Feature [Radio Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]
Reema Khrais (This Is Uncomfortable) News Feature [Radio Nationally
Syndicated Non-Commercial]
Roula Christie (WEEKENDS WITH ROULA) Westwood One Weekend Host /
Personality- Music Host [ Radio Nationally Syndicated Commercial ]
Stuck-At-Home Moms: The Pandemics Devastating Toll On Women (All Things
Considered & Morning Edition) NPR (National Public Radio) Series [Radio
Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]
Victoria Balestrieri (Make Way A Celebration of Womens Basketball)
SiriusXM Producer Talk [Radio Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Radio Local Honorees

Alex Razo (Wake Up Call / The Bill Handel Show) KFI AM 640 Producer
[Radio Local]
Amanda Orlando (Jim & Amanda on WARM98.5) CUMULUS MEDIA BROADCASTING =
Co-host (Music DJ/ Personality) Medium [Radio Local]
Annie Frey (The Annie Frey Show on 971FMTalk) Audacy Host Non-Morning
Drive (Talk/Personality) Large/Major Market [Radio Local]
Brigitte Quinn (The Wedding) 1010 WINS Interview Feature [Radio Local]
Chaos In The Capitol, A Nation Divided WCBS-AM/Audacy New York Frontline
Special Report [Radio Local]
Covid Community Help Cox Media Group Public Service Announcement-
Community Giveback [Radio Local]
KNX News (Emily Valdez) KNX AM Breaking News [Radio Local]
Help for Domestic Abuse Victims During The Pandemic Shutdown (Sonstein
Sunday) (Shelli Sonstein) WAXQ-FM IHeartRadio USA Public Affairs- Crisis
Coverage [Radio Local]
Holly Quan KCBS RADIO (Audacy-San Francisco) Outstanding News Anchor [
Radio Local]
Jamie Morris (Jamie & You) Connoisseur Media LLC Host Morning Drive
Medium Market [Radio Local]
Jillene Khan (Jillene Khan on Magic 98) Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Host Non-Morning Drive (Music DJ/Personality) Small Market [Radio Local]
Juliet Huddy (Curtis & Juliet) WABC Radio Frontline
Reporter/Correspondent [Radio Local]
Kelly Ford (Kelly Ford in the Morning) Audacy Host Morning Drive- Major
Market [Radio Local]
Lori Voornas (Lori Voornas-WJBQ-Portland) Townsquare Media Host Morning
Drive Small Market [Radio Local]
Maggie Gray (The Moose and Maggie Show) Audacy New York Co-host
(Talk/Personality) Large/Major [Radio Local]
Marci Wiser (95.5 KLOS/Los Angeles/Rock Format) Meruelo Media Host
Non-Morning Drive (Music DJ/Personality) Major Market [Radio Local]
Megan Lynch (The COVID Recession Worse for Women) Audacy/KMOX Hard News
Feature [Radio Local]
myTalks Project Down & Dirty Classic Radio Drama KTMY-FM (United States of
America) Public Service Announcement [Radio Local]
Sue Purnell “Big Sue” (WHRK-FM) iHeartMedia Memphis Host Non-Morning
Drive (Music DJ/Personality) Medium Market [Radio Local]
Susy Solis (KRLD Difference Makers) Audacy Soft News Feature [Radio
The Gabe And Nina Morning Show (Nina Hajian) Audacy Chicago Crisis
Coverage [Radio Local]
VOICES with Pebbles (Pebbles) Beasley Media Group Public Affairs [Radio

Radio Non-Commercial Local Honorees

Angela King (No more haircuts: Stylist says closing salons is right thing
to do to stop COVID- 19) KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio Interview Feature
[Radio Non-Commercial Local]
Bonnie Petrie (Petrie Dish) Texas Public Radio Host/Anchor [Radio
Non-Commercial Local]
Carson Frame Texas Public Radio & The American Homefront Project
Reporter/Correspondent [Radio Non-Commercial Local]
Daniella Cheslow (In Virginia, A Family Tragedy Stirs New Life In A Burial
Ground For The Enslaved) WAMU News Feature [Radio Non-Commercial Local]
Fernanda Camerena (Petrie Dish) Texas Public Radio & The Texas Newsroom
Producer [Radio Non-Commercial Local]
Going Flat or Building New Breasts: Two Women’s Post Mastectomy Stories
(Audacious) Connecticut Public Radio Talk Show [Radio Non-Commercial
Gwynne Hogan WNYC/Gothamist Crisis Coverage [Radio Non-Commercial Local]
Postcards From The Pandemic ideastream Series [Radio Non Commercial
Victoria Chamberlin (How This Army Officer Is Memorializing Her Stillborn
Daughter Through Music) WAMU Portrait/Biography [Radio Non-Commercial
Why Cant I Breathe? How Systemic Racism Makes COVID-19 Worse For
Communities Of Color Texas Public Radio & The Texas Newsroom Special
[Radio Non-Commercial Local]

Radio Student Honorees

Katie Francis (Katie Francis The Rowan Report) Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM
Host/Personality [Radio Student]
Natalie Khait (First Female District Attorney in Nasau County Inspires &
Encourages More Women to Enter Politics) Radio Hofstra University WRHU FM
/ Interview Feature [Radio Student]
Fordham University News Feature [Radio Student]
Rylee Meyer and Alexandra Cann (The Social Media Effect) Rowan Radio 89.7
WGLS-FM Public Affairs [Radio Student]
Women in Politics / Double Standards A League of Our Own (Eli Finkelson)
Radio Hofstra University WRHU FM / Talk Show [Radio Student]
Zia Kelly, Madison Conte, Hannah France, Isabella Paxton, Veronica Mohesky,
Alec Stutson, Jane Mather-Glass, Olivia Moses (The Check-In) KBIA
Producer [Radio Student]

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) announced the winners of
the 46th Annual Gracie Awards. The Gracie Awards Gala will take place
September 27, 2021 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles and will
honor some of the most talented women in television, radio and digital
media, including Kerry Washington, Catherine OHara, Lena Waithe, Kelly
Clarkson, Hillary Rodham Clinton, DeDe McGuire, Danielle Monaro*and Erin
Andrews. This years ceremony will also recognize entertainment and news
programming that addressed timely topics and social issues, including TODAY
Show, CBS This Morning, black-ish, Mrs. America and folklo the long pond
studio sessions.

Throughout this important year, we have enjoyed some of the most compelling
content in our history. We were informed, enlightened and entertained by
women in media across all platforms, said Becky Brooks, President, Alliance
for Women in Media Foundation. As we celebrate AWMs 70th anniversary, we
are thrilled to honor this incredible group of women who have demonstrated
their commitment to sharing emotionally-charged, timely and compelling
content. We look forward to reconvening in person to recognize these
incredible achievements and brave storytelling.

The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created by, for and about women
in radio, television, cable and interactive media. Honorees are selected in
national, local and student markets, including both commercial and
non-commercial outlets. In lieu of the*Gracie Awards Luncheon, which will
no longer take place in person on June 26 in New York City, local and
student award winners will be recognized virtually. An alternate in-person
celebration is currently being evaluated.

In the sixth consecutive year as Executive Producer, Vicangelo Bulluck will
spotlight these prolific women in the industry who continue to inspire and
support others, break down barriers, and lead by example in creating
opportunity for future generations.

Sponsors of The Gracies include Ziploc®, Crown Media Family Networks, CNN,
NCTA – the Internet and Television Association, Katz Media Group and
Beasley Media Group.

About The Gracie Awards

The Gracies Awards is the largest fundraiser of the Alliance for Women in
Media Foundation (formerly known as The Foundation of American Women in
Radio & Television) which supports and promotes educational programs, and
scholarships to benefit the media, the public and allied fields. In
addition to giving $20,000 a year away in scholarships to deserving female
students, the Foundation also produces the nationally acclaimed recognition
program the Gracie Awards which honors exemplary programming created by,
for and about women. The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation has created
partnerships and joint initiatives with the Emma Bowen Foundation, the
National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), NCTA The Cable and
Telecommunications Association and other organizations that are
philosophically aligned with the mission of the Foundation. For more
information about The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation and the Gracie
Awards please visit and follow on Twitter
(@AllWomeninMedia), (#TheGracies), Instagram (@allwomeninmedia) and

Las Vegas Franken-FM's Fiesta Makes Move to HD Fed Translator

Posted: 09 Jun 2021 05:00 AM PDT

As the July 13 drop-dead date for analog LPTV to convert to digital
approaches, another of the radio brands operating as a Franken-FM utilizing
the 87.75 aural signal of analog TV channel 6 has moved in order to remain
on the air.

Rafael Cerros, Jr. and Rogelio El Torito Regalados Latino Hustle Group, who
had been operating Regional Mexican/Reggaeton Fiesta 87.7 KGHD-LP since May
2020, purchased 98.1 K251BS North Las Vegas from Calvary Chapel of Costa
Mesa in April for $250,000. The programming began simulcasting on K251BS
fed via Audacys 98.5 KLUC-HD3 last week.

K251BS airs LBI Medias Don Cheto in mornings. Regalado doubles as Program
Director and on-air host at the station.

The translator had been airing a localized version of Calvary Chapel of
Costa Mesas Christian K-Wave programming based at KWVE-FM San Clemente CA
via 92.3 KOMP-HD2.

Only one year after being created Fiesta Las Vegas, the only radio station
that combines two of the more listened genres in Spanish- Regional Mexicano
and Reggaeton, is announcing the acquisition of 98.1 FM and 98.5 HD-3. With
the addition, Fiesta Las Vegas is now broadcasting on 3 FM stations: Fiesta
87.7 FM, Fiesta 98.5 HD-3 and Fiesta 98.1, and through their website, plus Roku TV, Uforia, Tune In and IHeart Apps.

“We share this with you to say thank you for supporting our station and
taking a chance on a Latino owned start up during a pandemic. This has been
one of the plans since we first started and with all the hard work, support
from clients, friends, our understanding families and our loyal radio
listeners of our beautiful community we are making the dream come true”
Said Rafael Cerros, Co-Owner of Fiesta Las Vegas and continue “A lot of
things are in the works right now, including events for the community, and
we would love for you to be part of the movement. So, with that said, on
behalf of ALL of our team at Fiesta we say: GRACIAS!”

This expansion is only adding to their already broad radio and social media
reach that in Facebook is above 200,000 followers. Fiesta Las Vegas has
been recognized for their innovative way of doing things, not only for
combining two different genres but also for their Radio/TV format. With
Fiesta Las Vegas listeners can hear and see their favorite videos and
shows, such as Don Cheto, El Zirko, La Mano Peluda, El Torito, Compa Mike,
El Parientito y El Marciano and many local community leaders and
journalists that are making a difference in Las Vegas.

“This is one more goal achieved in our path to help our clients grow but
now is time to continue the hard work.” Said Rogelio “El Torito” Regalado
Co-Owner of Fiesta Las Vegas and continue “As a thank you and to celebrate
our first year of Fiesta, we are playing all ads, live mentions, call ins,
etc on all platforms at no additional costs as a thank you in June and
July. We are extremely grateful to those who invested in advertising in
Fiesta having other options and believing in our potential along craziness”

But Fiesta Las Vegas is not only committed to their clients but also to the
community, during their first year, their team organized a Radioton for El
Salvador “Salvaton”, a Turkey Drive, Toy Drive, Get out to vote campaign,
Scholarship Giveaway, 5k Gift cards giveaway to essential workers, Get
tested and Vaccinated campaigns among many more.

Anna & Raven Add Seven New Markets Including Miami & Harrisonburg

Posted: 08 Jun 2021 03:58 PM PDT

Compass Media Networks Anna Raven Show has announced it has reached 25
markets with the addition of seven new stations.

The show, hosted by Anna Zap and Jay Raven and based at Connoisseur Media
Hot AC Star 99.9 WEZN Bridgeport CT, entered national syndication at the
start of the year.

The new affiliates airing the show in mornings a

Anco Media Dance Revolution 93.5 WZFL Islamorada/WBGF Belle Glade/W228BY
Saga Communications AC More 96.1 WMQR Harrisonburg VA
Delta Radio Network Country Kix 92.7 WMYQ Moorhead/Greenwood MS
Dockins Broadcasting Country Froggy 93.5 WFDZ Perry FL
Dockins Broadcasting Country Power Country 102.1 WQLC Watertown/Lake City FL
Dockins Broadcasting Country Kickin Country 104.9 KPWB-FM Piedmont MO

Additionally, Byrne Acquisition Group Variety Hits Earl 98.3 WDLZ
Murfreesboro NC has added the show for afternoons from 2-7pm.

Anna and Raven have hosted mornings together at WEZN since 2015. Anna Zap
has been part of the morning show at WEZN since 2010 after previously
working as a comedian and adjunct professor. Raven joined WEZN in April
2015 after previously spending most of his career in Rock radio with two
tours at 106.9 WCCC Hartford from 1995-2001 and then 2005-2014 where he
spent time in nights, afternoons and mornings. He also has hosted nights at
WAAF Boston and mornings at 103.7 WWRX Providence. The show was expanded to
Connoisseurs 97.5 WALK-FM Patchogue NY in January 2020.


This duo has been the dominant, morning-drive show in Connecticut as the
foundation for STAR 99.9’s rating success. In early 2020, Connoisseur Media
expanded the reach of Anna Raven, adding the program in the morning on
WALK 97.5 FM. Since launching into syndication in January 2021 with Compass
Media Networks, the program has quickly amassed 25 markets.

Marco Mazzoli, CEO and Program Director, Revolution 93.5 WZFL-FM Miami
comments, “I was looking for a show that could fit our unique format, but
nothing sounded like Revolution 93.5, then I came across Anna Raven and
thought… That’s what I’m talking about! The show is fun, fast, full of
content, and never obvious, I think Miami is going to love it!”

Kim Mitchell, General Manager, WMQR-FM “Harrisonburg Radio Group is excited
to add Anna Raven as the new morning show on More 96.1. Our focus has
always been engaging content with a local spin, and we believe Anna and
Raven’s high-caliber talent will deliver that and more to our audience.
They are the perfect fit for the More brand and will be relatable to our
loyal listeners. They’re super fun, and I think they’ll add great energy to
the Valley’s commute to work.”

“The Anna and Raven Show” has been steadily adding stations, formats, and
dayparts. Primarily a morning show on Hot AC stations, the show now can
count AC, Country, and Classic Hip-Hop among its’ ranks. WDLZ-FM is the
first affiliate to add the show in afternoon drive 2-7pm.

To find out how to bring Anna and Raven to your market contact Nancy
Abramson (914) 707-9963 or email .

About Anna and Raven: Anna and Raven started as a morning show team in
Metro Fairfield, CT in 2016 working for Connoisseur Media. The show has
been consistently rated #1 in that market since its inception. They
expanded their reach, via a partnership with Compass Media Networks, to
over 25 markets including Long Island, NY, and Miami, Fl.

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