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Caveat Lector November 12th 06 02:51 AM

2007 Special XE prefixes
Got this info from Pepe XE2MX


In 2007 Mexico's FMRE will celebrate 75th anniversary (LMRE, FMRE)

and XE stations will use new prefixes:

6G1LM from Jan. 1 till Dec. 31 2007

6F75A Jan.1th to Dec 31th for contests for FMRE

6H1 for XE1 and suffix

6I2 for XE2 and suffix XE2MX as 6I2MX

6J3 for XE3 and suffix working foreign stations

6E4 for XF4 Revillagigedo

XE2MX need qsl cards during 2007 as 6I2MX

In a future México will use 10 zones XE1, XE2, XE3, XE4 XE5, XE6, XE7,

XE2MX May be XE7MX (hi) around May 1 2007

73, Pepe XE2MX


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