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KB6NU via Admin October 5th 18 07:12 PM

[KB6NU] CQ CQ: Welcome my new advertisers

KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog

CQ CQ: Welcome my new advertisers

Posted: 04 Oct 2018 01:58 PM PDT

You may have noticed—at least I really hope you noticed—that I recently
picked up two new advertisers: CQ Antennas and CQ Maps.

CQ Antennas offers a couple of different types of antenna center
insulators, like the one shown below. This antenna insulator can be use to
build a lightweight antenna for QRP, backpackers or any one that has a HOA
and needs to make there antenna virtually invisible. (Its available in the
orange color shown, or in a clear plastic version.) This antenna insulator
can be used in several different configurations, and makes it easy to
connect either RG58 or RG174 coax to the antenna elements.CQ Maps not only
offers a variety of amateur radio maps like the one shown below, but USGS
Topographical Maps and Tyvek printed amateur radio licenses. The Tyvek
license could be just the thing for your go bag.
Click to see a larger image of the map.

David, KE5FEN, the proprietor of CQ Antennas, has promised to send me a
sample of his insulators, and when I get one, Ill do a more thorough
product review. If I can get James, N4EGA to do the same, Ill also review
his product. In any case, if youre looking for either antenna insulators or
a map for your shack, consider these two advertisers.

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