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WB4SON via Admin June 15th 21 05:11 PM

WB4SON-10 Changeover Complete

WB4SON-10 Changeover Complete

Posted: 14 Jun 2021 11:53 AM PDT

I finally had enough downtime to move my WB4SON-10 Winlink Gateway over to
its full-time hardwa

Alinco DR-135T Mk-III
Samlex SEC-1223BBM Power Supply with battery changeover
100 AH Solar Charged battery
Masters Communication DRA-50 interface with Alinco 6-pin adapter

Power measurements of the entire system indicates it pulls 22 watts from
the AC mains.* Of course that load is on 24/7, and that works out to about
$3 a month in electricity.
Left to right: Power supply with DR-135 on top, red box is the DRA-50,

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