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K4YZ August 28th 06 08:24 AM

More Morkie Mularkie

an old friend confused himself again:

" why Steve so interested in other mens wifes?"

"wives", Morkie.

And since you don't have one, why are YOU "interested"...?!?!

K4YZ wrote:
an old friend tried to hide the facts again:
K4YZ wrote:
an old friend wrote:

learn to tell the deference

I can and both are fun just different is all

Obviously you CAN'T tell the difference...You married one and keep
claiming "she's" a female, Mork.

I married a female I did not marry a man

But what did your "wife" marry...?!?!

a man

So are the three of you a bit cos=zy in one bed, Mork?

a better on than you

"She" better NOT be on me, Mork!

He'll find out just how competent I am at CQB with small
arms...And no, I don't mean the physiological kind of "arms"...

under the right occasion I might marry a man, I just did not and you
can't face the truth

So far there's not one iota of evidence to the contrary, Mork...

Picture...Sign...USA Today...


Then you confirm that you're married to a male.

So stop your wenching, fatboi.

you lied about the none existance the 214 FA


the FA brigade exitis I have written to to ask about the 47 th

You shouldn't HAVE to "ask" about this fictional unit of yours,

Accept No Substitutes.

you mean you will conitue your harrassment

I haven't harrassed anyone to CONTINUE harrassing, Morkie.

Steve, K4YZ

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