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Sam[_2_] March 18th 07 08:14 AM

only in your dreams woger

"John Smith I" wrote in message

OTOH at least I am no longer being called a childmolestor day and
night and they have all stopped th e harrassment of my neighboors

I don't like it but in this case apeeasemnt wins


Ill aboding powers-which-be are using you as their tool to help 'em
trash this newsgroup. You are so engrossed in your battle of "finding
yourself" you are BLIND to it man!

Wake up ... be embarrassed ... move on ...

The alternative is keep it up and be an idiot ...


Your advice is valid and well said, JS. Mark would be wise to consider
it....however, comma, my money is on your latter comment. He will continue
to be an idiot....

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