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Dave Heil June 21st 07 05:02 PM

20 Meters open again
Davey Vile K8MN SUX wrote:
On Jun 18, 6:23 pm, Molly Crotchrot, aka "Mork" [email protected]
"Davey Vile K8MN SUX" wrote in On Jun 17, 4:22 pm, Lardass hiding behind "Molly Hatchett"
[email protected] whined:

No f--knuts, you f--ked up again, since we are at the bottom of the
solar cycle and even the ARRL says 20 meters isn't open then.

That's incorrect, UnWiseman. The ARRL has issued no edict that the 20
meter band remain closed during periods of darkness. Get a location.
Get an antenna. Get some information.

from Riley Hollingsworth that any of us will ever

Yeah, sure, you just haven't gotten caught yet. Maybe you can work out
of banders like Davey Heil and act more pious.

Even you have no obligation to check the license status of anyone you
work on the amateur bands. I'm okay as long as I'm operating where I'm
supposed to be and am called by someone with what seems to be an amateur
callsign. Riley Hollingsworth had no jurisdiction whatsoever in
Tanzania or in France.

Dave K8MN

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