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(Jack Gibson) wrote:

doberman wrote in message ...

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PC'ness is stupidity

As opposed to quoting the whole "--------------- " message to add
a one line comment?

- Jack

You do, of course, recognize that "****ing" is against the law now, as
an expression of intense emotion, such as a plate breaking and severing
several really important arteries while doing the dishes.

Laws specifically require that the word "****ing" not be used. It is
written down and law, that btw, you as a citizen of the U.S. (I assume
you are a citizen and are required to be informed of these laws) are
required to have read and understood. According to law, you must have
read and understand this law. It is extremely important that you
understand the law about words you can't say. In the case you have not
read this law as according to the law every citizen of the United States
is assumed by the courts to have read, you face very severe fines and
penalties for using the word "****ing".

Somebody has to make clear the laws that every citizen of the U.S. is
expected to know. Assumed to have read.

Usage of the word "****ing" is against the law. A law that is important
to people in their daily conversations and expressions of extreme
emotion, distress, or agony.

Since it may be a law, I felt you should be informed of this law as
required of any law-abiding citizen of the United States. It is my
responsibility that I should inform people of what they are required to
know that the word "****ing" is no longer lawful.

I'm not actually super positive that this is in reality a law at this
time, but, in order to prevent anyone from being arrested for using the
word "****ing" I will treat it as a word that is unlawful and hence
every american should understand is against the law. Which is, btw,
required by law, in the United States of America.

Having performed my civic and lawful duty in informing you of this fact,
I will now rest easier, knowing that you have been informed of the
"****ing" law.

(I copyright nothing at this time. Have fun, Anonymous.)