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Jack Gibson wrote:
(TheNIGHTCRAWLER) wrote in message ...

Somebody has to make clear the laws that every citizen of the U.S. is
expected to know. Assumed to have read.

Usage of the word "****ing" is against the law. A law that is important
to people in their daily conversations and expressions of extreme
emotion, distress, or agony.

Since it may be a law, I felt you should be informed of this law as
required of any law-abiding citizen of the United States. It is my
responsibility that I should inform people of what they are required to
know that the word "****ing" is no longer lawful.

I do not ****ing live in the ****ing U.S., nor am I a ****ing
U.S. ****ing citizen.

So ****ing there.

- ****ing Jack

You are a monk with a vow of celibacy?