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Jack Gibson
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"Larry Roll K3LT" wrote in message
Jack Gibson wrote:

I do not ****ing live in the ****ing U.S., nor am I a ****ing
U.S. ****ing citizen.

So ****ing there.

I thought that we in the good old USA were the sole proprietorship of the
bum society. It appears not. The liberal use of the universal "sentence
enhancer" in the above post reflects nicely upon the intelligence of the
poster. As an old black minister said in a sermon ....people who use that
language should have their mouths washed out by their mamas with Bowlene.

Please send me your name and address and I will gladly forward a thesaurus
of the English language so you can find and use the appropriate adjectives.

God Bless KI3R Tom Popovic Belle Vernon Pa.

Here in Elbonia we view irony as the highest form of
humor. I'm sorry to have confused you with humor that
was clearly beyond you.

Why not try a holiday in Elbonia? In addition to
furry animals, well-trained moose and our telephone
system, we have nice mud.

- Jack