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Larry Weil
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In article , David Berchtold wrote:
Dear Friends,

My question is:

What are the best ways to improve radio reception?

I have an Electro Brand Multiband radio that I inherited from my
father. This is a great radio for reception, but I use this for
mostly outdoor DXing. I am not sure how to attach an external antenna
to it.

First thing -- DO NOT attach an external antenna at any radio which is powered
from AC and does not have external antenna terminals. To do so is to possibly
expose yourself or others to fire, injury, or death.

The best bet for what you want to do if the radio does not have terminals is
to use one of the loop antennas that you place near the radio sold for that
purpose. Read the instructions with the device, or find them on-line at the
manufacturers web site.

I have also purchased a Ring Antenna from Radio Shack. I had
the idea of somehow attaching the Ring Antenna to above mentioned
Electro Brand radio. The instructions, however, were not clear about
how to do this. Maybe I missed something.

This is supposed to be placed near the radio, not attached to it. To find the
best position, you have to experiment.

I also have a crawl space/half attic that is presently being used to
store nothing but insulation and hold up a roof. I believe that there
is plenty of room up there. The possibility of a wire antenna layed
from front of house to back of house is an extremely good possiblity,
but again I am unsure of how to connect radio with antenna.

You probably could run a wire antenna in the attic, which you would attach to
the terminal or wire on the Rat Shack device, not to the radio (unless the
radio has an external antenna terminal.

You should also be aware that with an inexpensive radio you could just
overtload the thing by using an external antenna, and cause worse rather than
better reception.

I am also considering a more costly investment by getting into ham
radio. I would like to construct an antenna in back yard. But once,
again, how does the antenna get connected to radio. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Getting into ham radio would be a great hobby, but would have nothing to do
with what you are trying to do here. Purchassing a good communications
(shortwave) receiver would help with your situation, and if not a portable one
it would not only accept but require an external antenna. In that case, the
wire in the attic or better yet an outdoor wire would be great. But don't go
cheap, there are lots of cheap radios out there that are more trouble than
there worth. You don't want to buy a cheap radio first and then a good one
when you realize the cheap one is no good, that will cost more in the long

I hope this helps you.

73 de KC1IH

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH