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Note SBB%= SBB5

On Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:21:46 -0700, Dan wrotd:

I have a SBB% Comet mobile dual band antenna.. I have lost the mobile
mount so borrowed a friedns Larsen mag mount (239 type).. anyway.. the
comet fails badly seems like a dead short. Went to a buddy's house
that has a comet [email protected] AND a comet mount.. My SBB% works great in his
mount ..

Does anyone know does the comet dual band mobile REQUIRE I use a comet

seems unlikely but we did a number of test.. we see a great report and
a difference I would expect between my SBB% (5/8) and his [email protected] (1/4)
wave.. so it does work great as long as I use the COmet mount..

can anyone advise??