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Default Help, I have a hot chassis, 12 v is everywhere

A friend of mine inadvertantly plugged in his power cord backwards,
after cleaning his mobile. The middle (offset pin) was loose and
pushed back in the radio allowing the plug to slide in reversed. He
did not have an inline fuse connected at the time. Needless to say it
killed the radio. I told him I'd look on the inside for him. I found
nothing burnt up on the inside. After fixing the power pins, I
correctly connected it to a D.C. power supply on my bench. The radio
won't come on. When I started checking for voltage, I found that I had
voltage everywhere. 12 volts is on the chassis, both sides of the
on/off dial, everywhere.... Anyone have any advice on what to look for
next? It's hard to troubleshoot with the voltage meter, when power
shows up everywhere....Thanks