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Jack Twilley
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Default NEC2 modeling question

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I have started modeling my dipole antenna with NEC2, but I've got a
question that doesn't seem to be adequately covered by the
documentation or the examples.

I have a fan dipole with various lengths of wire. The long legs are
significantly bent, and I have modeled them as two wires with
coterminous ends -- this seems to be correct. The shorter legs are
just legs. In the real antenna, the feedpoint is connected to a
length of coax such that the center of the coax is electrically
connected to the western half of the antenna and the shield of the
coax is electrically connected to the eastern half.

I can see how to set the voltage source to the western half of the
antenna, but I do not see how to set the ground to the eastern half of
the antenna without adding a ground wire. Does this really matter?

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