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Keith Hosman KC8TCQ
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Chris wrote:

Here are some pictures

"Chris" wrote in message
I have constructed a homeade antenna that is mounted on a trunk-lip mount

a Nissan Sentra. The bottom is 18" of 1/2" copper pipe with a 3/8" theaded
adapter soldered in the bottom. There is a 9" long peice of pvc with a 2"
diameter 6ga. copper coil around it. Then there is 4" more copper pipe

a 3ft' stainless tip on top. The problem is that it would be too easy to
bend the trunk with copper pipe. I thought about a spring but then the

thing would bend too much when the trunk is opened. If I move the coil

below roof level, the SWR goes way up. I thought about using pvc for the
lower part but I can't quite figure out how to construct it. I may take

pictures of what I have. Stay tuned......

I saw a guy that built a mobile antenna out of copper pipe for his
pickup he had a 2x4 set in the stake hole on the front passenger side of
the bed, it was capacitive fed The pipe was capped at the top and held
to the 2x4 with pipe anchors. Not sure how well it performed,but for a
home brew job, it was rather interesting.

Please forgive my crude representation, my ASCII art skills have not
been used in quite a few years heheh.

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