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Ben Thomas
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(lousy flagpins) wrote in message . com...
ive got a bc80xlt with several bands (ham, t band, etc.) that i get
nothing on. im in an urban area so it seems like there ought to be a
lotta stuff around.

right now all i have is a 6 inch flexible antenna like you see on
handheld police radios. do i need another completely differnt antenna
or maybe just a longer version of what ive got.

Interesting. That's the very same model I've used for
about 9 years now, and it puts the new (castrated)
units to shame. I use it every day.

With your setting, your radio should be squawking like
a talkbox in the 400 and 800 bands with any antenna
affixed to it, but it never hurts to improve one.

Try a "Seeker 800" or a "Condor". They're spendy, but
you'll NEVER regret it.