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In article , Bob

I'm new to scanning and a little confused about how to setup "searches"
of various frequency ranges.

For instance, rather than enter all the CB channel frequencies into
memories I *thought* it would be much easier to simply search through the
CB band in increments equal to channels. So, I programmed 26.965 (ch1)
and 27.405 (ch40) as scan edges into my radio along with a step size of
25 kHz. So far so good... However starting the search resulted in the
radio moving through the band by frequency stops that were "off" from the
actual CB channels???

So what am I doing wrong?

The US CB Channels are at 10kHz spaced channels - 26.965, 26.975 and so

26.965Mhz is not a frequency that is divisible by 25 (25kHz) as you were
using however you really need to be using 10kHz tuning steps as your
chosen step size but depending which model you have this may still not
work correctly as 26.965 is not a frequency that is divisible by 10
either. In other words the frequency you enter has to be divisible by
your chosen step size.

With 10Khz tuning steps it would perhaps go 26.970, 26.980, 26.990 and
so on.

Some models though such as the AOR AR8200 and Yupiteru MVT-9000 for
example will allow you to "Offset" the frequency and step size so that
it will search the chosen frequencies as you want in your example above.

If this isn't possible on the model you have then you would have to use
something like 5kHz steps starting at 26.965 and going 26.970, 26.975,
26.980, 26.985 and so on so.

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