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michael agner
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People can be a great deal more helpful if you told us the make/model
of the scanner you're using. Yahoo has numerous groups devoted to
scanners, and it's likely you can get more help there, apart from the
explanation Jonathan gave you.
73s and GL...Mike

Bob wrote:

I'm new to scanning and a little confused about how to setup "searches"
of various frequency ranges.

For instance, rather than enter all the CB channel frequencies into
memories I *thought* it would be much easier to simply search through the
CB band in increments equal to channels. So, I programmed 26.965 (ch1)
and 27.405 (ch40) as scan edges into my radio along with a step size of
25 kHz. So far so good... However starting the search resulted in the
radio moving through the band by frequency stops that were "off" from the
actual CB channels???

So what am I doing wrong?

Also, in the specific case of CB I know (or at least can calculate) the
step size between active frequencies. How do I determine that information
for other bands or frequency ranges? And am I going to have the same step

My radio has a programmable step size with a minimum of 0.5 kHz
resolution. Can someone please teach me how to setup searches? Or maybe
direct me to a webSite or book that would help?