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1. The Portable 3 Foot Ribbon Cable Loop
This article describes how to construct a loop from ribbon cable.
"Introduction - One idea that has been suggested for constructing a
loop is to use ribbon cable, with a winding spacing of 0.050 inch, to
consturct the loop. I saw a loop antenna article at one time that
recommended the use of flat ribbon cable, and showed how to make a
loop by using the ribbon cable, offset by one pin, on two "D" style
connectors, and plugging together to form the loop. I have never seen
that article again, so I suspect it has been removed from the web. So
I thought I would resurrect the idea.

2. The Umbrella Loop Antenna.
"The Umbrella Loop Concept - I saw the answer in an everyday object
that just about everybody owns - an umbrella. Like my "ideal" loop, it
needs to have a large deployed shape, yet needs to be lightweight
enough to carry, and needs to fold to a compact form that is easy to
store. It needs to deploy quickly. It has many characteristics in
common with what I want for loop! But - could I make a loop antenna
based on the umbrella design? I cannot use umbrella hardware directly,
because it is metal. But - I found a way to use wood instead for the
supports, and a minimum of metal used near the center of the

NOTE: The WebPages =
- - - Is "Bruce Carter"

3. Superloop receiving antenna for 136kHz
"About a year ago I made a receiving loop for 136kHz using computer
ribbon cable housed in plastic waste pipe."

4. Receiving 'Loop Antenna' for the "HeyPhone" (Cave Radio)

Check-Out the Loop Antennas eGroup on YAHOO!
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= = = Ron Hardin
= = = wrote in message ...
Does anybody know the circle size for ribbon cable (.05" spacing)
tuning the MW band with 365pf var cap?

I have 10, 14, 16, 20, and 25 conductor ribbon cable (28 ga. wire)
so diameters for any of those.

There's always cut and try but maybe somebody has done it.