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Kevin Croxen
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In article , Diverd4777 wrote:
In article , Kevin Croxen

. Is the JX-M14 beyond shirt or jacket pocket size
for the outdoor walking commute?


Yep! I
put it in my shirt pocket & take it walking, bicycling, etc...

4 1/2 X ~3 X 1

I actually got a bunch of shirts with Two pockets sos I can trek it around,..
It is NOT ( I repeat, NOT) as good a radio as the
Sangean 606A;
- But it's lighter & smaller !!
Probaly work in Damp weather in a Ziplock Baggie
It's Digital tuning display is Very Useful..

Ah! About an inch and a half shorter than little old Emerson. And probably
about a third of the weight. Thanks for the information!