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Dr. Slick wrote:
I've got the same paper. It's a bit confusing, because then he
calls [s]**2 = [(ZL - Zo*) / (ZL + Zo)]**2 the "power reflection
coefficent". Where if you take the square root to the power reflection
coefficient, you should get the voltage r. c. So perhaps s =
(ZL - Zo*) / (ZL + Zo) really IS the voltage R. C., even in this paper!

There's no confusion at all (except here on this newsgroup). The power
reflection coefficient is known as the "Reflectance" in optics. The
voltage reflection coefficient that we know and love in RF is one
of the Fresnel (1788-1827) Equations. In optics, it is known as the
"amplitude reflection coefficient", equation 4.34 in _Optics_, 4th edition.

May I suggest that everyone obtain a copy of _Optics_, by Hecht, and
contribute to his/her basic understanding of EM waves. Light was
detectable eons before RF and thus had an extreme head start. We are
presently arguing principles that were already resolved by the end of
the 18th century.
73, Cecil

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