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Design, development and test of circuit and board level RF designs
including impedance matching networks (simulating on MIMP) for E-PHEMT
power amplifiers for the GSM, DCS, and PCS cellular bands
(880MHz-1900MHz). Simulations on ADS to assess manufacturability and
robustness. Bias tuning for EDGE mode EVM and Adjacent channel power.
Optimize circuit design and board layout for PAE, gain flatness,
stability under mismatched loads, receive-band noise, AM to PM, input
VSWR and harmonic suppression.
Design and construction of FM stereo multiplexed Phase Locked
Loop transmitters, broadband design (88-108MHz). Design and selection
of VCOs, pre-scalers, and loop filters. Antenna design and
construction: 5/8ths vertical groundplane, 1/4 wavelength, and
dipoles. Compressor-limiter and Chebychev Low-pass filter design.
Microwave (MMIC) testing and tuning (2-18GHz). Design of
equalizers and filters. Linearity of Detector Logarithmic Video
Amplifiers. Temperature compensation networks.

You win a prize if you can guess where i last worked...

Your turn Tom...


Very impressive. You've designed 5/8s vertical ground planes,
1/4 wavelength [something or others, I guess] and dipoles.
Where are you working now? Did you go to Lowell?
Tom Donaly, KA6RUH