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Scott Dorsey
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Antonio Vernucci wrote:
Once I went to a friend of mine and measured the potentiometer of the =
I-177 after fully disconnecting it from the circuit, and wrote down a =
table of ohms vs. degrees. I should have that table somewhere in the =
shack. That potentiometer, though wire wound, is highly non linear. I =
guess I would need the original spare part. I tried with a normal wire =
wound 3,000 ohm potentiometer but readings are obviously greatly offset. =
I also tried out to figure out a way of emulating the non linearity =
putting fixed resistors in parallel and in series, but unfortunately =
whatever one does the obtained non-linearity goes in the opposite =
direction w.r.t. it should be.

So it's an antilog taper and not a log taper? How far off from a simple
reverse log is it?

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