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Antonio Vernucci
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Thanks for the info. However, for the I-177 I have seen no calibration =
procedure. I guess everything relies on the fact that the potentiometer =
has the specified response.


Tony, I0JX

"Edward Knobloch" ha scritto nel messaggio =
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Hello, Tony
Sorry, I can't help you find that tube tester bias pot.
One thing, though:
I know the TV-7 manual gives voltmeter readings
versus bias pot settings, set up using a military DC voltmeter
of only 1K Ohm/volt sensitivity.
The available voltmeter ranges were 0 to 10V
and 0 to 50V, so the load across the bias pot
was either 10K or 50K depending on the voltage
to be measured during calibration of the bias pot.
I assume the I-177 was also intended to be calibrated
using a DC voltmeter of that sensitivity.
Ed Knobloch
depending Antonio Vernucci wrote:
The I-177 tube tester has a very unusual non-linear wire-wound =

Does anyone have an idea on whether any surplus store could have it =

on sale?
Thanks and 73
Tony, I0JX