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Larry Saletzki
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Default Collins Collectors Association First Wednesday AM Night Oct. 1st !

FIRST WEDNESDAY AM NIGHT !!! Sponsored by the Collins Collectors

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (QRZ) - Wednesday Oct.1 on 3880 kcs at 8PM local time
marks the start of the latest chapter of First Wednesday AM Night, drawing
hundreds of vintage stations from across the country.

The event is anchored by a "tall ship" AM station in each time zone, who
runs the gathering for an hour, starting at 8PM in each time zone and
starting on the East Coast. Stations check-in using Collins and other
transmitters with AM capabilities, new and old. The idea is to revel in this
nostalgic mode, enjoy giving vintage equipment a "run," and sharing some
storytelling about classic vacuum tube homebrew and commercial designs.

In months past, anchor stations have included those running the beautiful
Collins 300-G, pictured below, as well as those running the amateur KW-1 and
other noted models.

LISTEN for these anchors and stop by to say hello, won't you? You don't
have to be running Collins or vintage gear to be welcomed into the group.

8P-9P East Coast Anchor: Joe N3IBX (Washington Crossing PA)

8P-9P Midwest Anchor: Tony W9JXN (Illinois)

8P-9P Rocky Mountain Anchor: Jack, K0HEH (Colorado)

8P-9P West Coast Anchor: Bill, N6PY (California)

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