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Martin Potter
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"K5VSE" ) writes:
Hi to all,

Anyone got any info on a converted Collins 51S1 for airborne use by
surveillance aircraft. It was done by an outfit known as LTV I think. It is
in a rack mount with locking handles. A few extra controls added in
different shapes so that they could be identified in the dark...


Fair Radio's catalog for 1980 says "Set is a Collins [email protected] receiver
repackaged by LTV-Temco for mil-airborne use with extended lower frequency
range, jack for 14-600 kHz LF tuner, AM BFO, and extra electronic
filtering." etc etc. Is that what you wanted?

They give a few more specs, tube counts, voltages required, and of course
the price (back then HI).

.... Martin VE3OAT