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Default FS: IC208H w/o Control Head

I suffered the misfortune of a knucklehead at the car dealership when I
traded in my car. (I think Dilbert calls them "in-DUH-viduals")

I asked them to un-install the control head for my IC-208H, as I was out of
time and had done a pretty good job of burying the wires under the dash.

When I left the car behind, they simply cut the wire and threw out the
control head. (yikes!!) Surprisingly - and to their credit, the dealer has
made good on the error.

As a result, I have the rest of the radio left behind and am listing it here
before it goes to eBay.

Price is $125, including the transciever, mic and manual - just missing the
control head and cable.

$20 shipping and insurance in the lower 48, or pick up in the Randolph, MA /
Scituate, MA area for no shipping cost.

Contact info is c dot macpherson at comcast dot net. Good in the callbook
and phone book for the last 20 years at this address.