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Default FS: Johnson Viking Invader 2000 LSB/USB/AM/CW

Johnson Viking Invader 2000 LSB/USB/AM/CW
Please make serious offer.

All Lights and fans work too!!!! And of course I have the hook up
And Also Comes with the Johnson Power Supply and works great.
They made a lower powered version Invader for 600.00 in the 60s and a
high powered
version in the 60's High powered version was a whopping 1200.00 back
And this is the HIGH POWERED VERSION!!!! Only made a little over 300
of these transmitters. Its very rare to see one forsale.
Came from an estate and was tested and yes it works!! No hums at all.
One of the meters was sticky so you may have to spray with cleaner.
The power supply Works great and has no dents on it at all.
The Transmitter cabinet has no dents at all.
The Front panel on the Johnson Viking Invader 2000 is VERY NICE!!
The inside of the Invader is nice as well.
The only thing you would do is respray the both cabinets because they
have paint chips off of them. And the bezel around the cabinet, But
front is GREAT!

I found a site that gives info and I copied it, Here is what they say
about this GEM
The E. F. Johnson Viking Invader 2000 Transmitter was the high power
version of the Invader 200. The exciter used a Crystal fitler for
Single Side Band generation and had a power output of 160 watts thru 2
6146 finals. The Amplifier RF deck consisted of 2 4-400 Power Tubes
running 2200 Volts on the plates. The Invader 2000 produced 2000 watts
input power on SSB. Hence its name. The out board Power Supply the
same size as the radio in volume and weighs about 125 Lbs. The neated
thing about the Invader 2000 is the light orange glow of the 4-400s
when they are working. The Invader 2000 was manufactured in 1961 and
sold for $1229.00. The Invader 200 sold for $619.50.