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I haven't had a problem whatsoever with BE, either with Audiovault or their
transmitters. They are quick to call me back, and help me through all of my

"EngineerPat" wrote in message
What is up with B.E.???

Anyone else having trouble with their AudioVault systems and getting
little or no help from B.E. Customer Service? If you've done anything
that worked, let me know, please.

I've had this AudioVault system since December and after two visits by
a B.E. tech(who left without it working), uncountable hours on the
phone, and returning the unit for repair, I STILL DON'T HAVE A WORKING
SYSTEM. The GM even wrote a letter to the BE President John Pedlow who
hasn't bothered to answer or acknowledge our problem. Nothing has
worked, but more importantly, the system has never worked.

Other than not buying anything from B.E. in the future, ever again,
anyone have any idea's? Any help would be appreciated.