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On Tue, 30 Dec 2003 02:25:54 UTC, (Dbowey) wrote:

"FREE for pickup in Tacoma, WA ...."

That is a generous offer. More of us should do this.


Lots of folk have the giving-gene but you have to be in the right
place at the right time.

I've seen piles of stuff left at ham fests, some vendors have
"FREE" bins that you can pick over.

Then there was the weird happening at the last Timonium hamfest. I
mentioned it on a fixer listserv and someone posted pictures.

Timonium, early spring. A freak snowstorm came up and a tailgater
who was selling two CONVEX supercomputers, abandoned them
along with a couple dozen Compaq Proliant servers. These were not
the junky home-grade Compaqs, these were commercial servers with
hot-swap, RAID drives in them.

The CONVEX was a full six foot, 19 inch rack, loaded with more
hot-swap, RAID drives.

I pulled some memory from a Compaq and a couple hot-swap modules as
souvenirs. People were smashing the stuff like something out of an
end-of-civilization movie. There were piles of SVGA tube-style

If I had a truck, I would have hauled a CONVEX away just for the

But yeah, good for Don. Someone, somewhere has a desperate need for
the parts in that GSB-100.

de ah6gi/4