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Michael Black
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Roy Lewallen ) writes:
The following was recently posted on another newsgroup in response to a
similar posting there by this same infantile idiot. It's worth reading.
You might have to reassemble this long URL if your browser breaks it up:

Roy Lewallen, W7EL

I didn't bother following the link, but the original message
was posted to three completely unrelated newsgroups, the other
two pretty obscure. So I'd say the point wasn't the question, but
to get responses into one or both of those other newsgroups. I gather
some see it as a game, and if you don't get responses in the specified
newsgroup, you don't win points.

So anyone who replied without deleting the other newsgroups was playing
into the hands of the original poster. Those who didn't, like you Roy,
well the poster doesn't care and likely won't see it.

The poster isn't interested in making a bomb, he's interested in
getting responses. The whole deal is to make the post seem almost
but not quite on topic to a newsgroup, so people will fall for it and

Michael VE2BVW