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an old friend
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an old friend wrote:
I might well not be able to, that is the meaning of Dyslexiod Aphasia,
I would hear the S in might write Y it all but certain I would suffer
from one of these occurances if a minute was 27 letters, any time I am
changing media there is high chance for making such errors, there is a
decent chance if I am just coping writen text, indeed to take your test
seeing the writen word one at a time and trying to copy them first
leters I can make such errors I fequenly do in the newsgroup find
myself unable to copy corectly a word on the screen

One last comment.

Back in 1990, FCC created medical waivers at the behest of a now-dead
King wanting a favor from then-president Bush. FCC waived the 13 and 20
wpm Morse Code tests if the applicant could show a doctor's letter.

Canada has recently made the Morse Code test part of the overall
rather than a stand alone test.

More than 5 years ago, I proposed here a "Chinese menu" form of license
testing that would allow much greater flexibility in testing.

But the near-unanimous reply from NCTAs has always been that the Morse
Code test must be completely eliminated - no compromises, no more
waivers, no score-blending, etc.

in correct Fred Maia, W5YI (i may be blowing the name but the call is
right) proposed something Like the new Canada system, publishing this
on the Old NCI website

As Far as I know NCI is calling Canada a victory for us

In fact, some NCTAs and their organizations, like NCVEC and NCI, went
a step further and pushed for lower *written* test standards such as
license upgrades and a "Communicator" license.

now you are fibbing about the NCI position, and NCI hardly control

and the ARRL wanted one time upgrades, as well, haven't seen a word out
of you about that

What's next?

who knows, but that you pose the question tells a lot about you,
nothong I find esp favorable either

it shows something of the Luddite fear of change that the Nocoders
accuse the Procoders of