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Dee Flint
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"John Smith" wrote in message

Look, they pose the most excellent argument, to their own argument, if you
look closely...

First, they say there that CW is a useful current protocol, and that it is
useful, then they say people are going to flock to use it and keep CW
alive no matter what...

I've seen no one say that people will "flock to use it". However there is
reason to think that enough people will choose to use it to keep this as an
active mode.

Then, they turn around and argue to keep the test, why? Because deep
inside their brain, at the center where the denial does not exist, they
realize without forcing people to learn morse, not many will (darn few in
my best estimate.)

I'd expect avid QRP enthusiasts and contesters to have quite a bit of

However, I agree that "Joe Average" may not pursue it unfortunately if not
required to learn a very minimal, basic level of performance. Due to all
the activities of those trying to eliminate the test, he may falsely believe
it to be beyond his abilities. We may end up with only the very elite
operators, i.e. those who learn easily and progress to lightning speeds.
The casual ragchewer (i.e. the person who operates at around 13wpm or so)
may find slim pickings.

Isn't it quite obvious? They fool themselves (else they are liars), but
if they fool you, think how others will judge the weight of your

It is all pretty clear, think about it...


Dee D. Flint, N8UZE