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an old friend
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Alun L. Palmer wrote:
"an old friend" wrote in

an old friend wrote:

so to answer your title I doubt I could pass the test phoenetic test
you describe, unless it was realy slow, and certainly not with any test

I agree with you, but you won't get very far with Jim.

sadly I fear you are right, and Jim is the most reasonable of the
devoted Procoders

but the target (mine anyway YMMV) is more moderate lurker in the NG
anyway no matter who one is addressing directly

I do have some (dwidnling fast) hope that prehaps some of the procoders
can be presauded to accept the new folks without basshing em over the
head over how they are unworthy not having done....

I especially liked the bit about using a code reader as a handicap
accomodation for the Morse test! I am a VE and never thought of that! Can
you imagine if we had tried to get that past the ARRL VEC - they would have
flipped for sure, but I think it may well meet the rules.

I am certain as is a Lawyer I know, if I were not certain other means
would prevail (even thought hey have taken longer than I thought) I
would likely have tried the formal complaint under DoJ rules to find

It's all academic now, or will be soon. The NPRM abolishes the code test,
and the R&O will do the same. The pro-code test side have lost the war.
Roll on VC Day (Victory over the Code Day, LOL!).

now or soon it is time to pick up the peices,

73 de Alun, N3KIP

(A 20wpm Extra who wasted years learning Morse code that I will probably
never use)