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K4YZ wrote:
From: Dave Heil on Aug 25, 7:12 pm
From: on Aug 25, 2:42 pm
K4YZ wrote:
Dave Heil wrote:
Frank Gilliland wrote:

If fact,
Jimmie Noserve took me to task about being a "rear-area" type.
I guess all those books he read (to become an expert on warfare)
didn't tell him that NOBODY got to "choose" where they were

But it is true, isn't it, that you were so far to the rear that you were
in a different country from where the Korean conflict was taking place?

Of course. If Jimmie say it true, it must be true!

Japan was not DIRECTLY involved in the Korean WAR, true. The
Occupation was over when I was assigned there. Was I supposed
to break rules, go against the UCMJ, to go to the "front?"

The point being that you never served in a forward area, let alone
a combat area. Matter of fact, the only thing "forward" about you is
bad manners and a propensity to deceive.

The point is that a low-ranking Marine knew enough to call you out on
your military service lies.