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Ken Fowler
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On 13-Sep-2003, "Dealmeister" wrote:

1. I like to surf the web while Dxing; my computer creates a lot of noise.
Too DX and surf, obviously the radio and PC need to be in relatively close
proximity. Anythoughts on how I can cut down the noise?

One cause of computer noise is that PC case manufacturers economize by using swithcing power
supplies which have the RFI filtering components intentionally left out. Usually there is a place
on the power supply circuit board for a power line choke and bypass capacitors. They leave the
capacitors out and jumper the choke connections. I would try to find a better case with a quiet
power supply and good bonding of the metal to metal surfaces of the case. These usually cost more.
In my case, when I installed a choke and capacitors inside the PS, the RFI noise dropped about 30 db
on the broadcast band and about 7 S-units on 40 meters.