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Bob McConnell
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Default Morse code learning software

On Sun, 16 Oct 2005 14:33:32 +0200, "Sigurd Stenersen"

Jerseyj wrote:
Too band there isn't a Linux or MacOS version!

Well, this is a hobby project and I have to select how I want to spend the
little time I have for hobbies. Currently, I choose to add more features to
Just Learn Morse Code and later I might want to spend some time on regular
ham activities rather than just extending my working hours without being

One user reported that the executable runs just fine on Linux under the WINE
emulator, tho.

73 de LB3KB, Sigurd

If you published the source under the GPL, you might find a few people
interested in porting it to a real OS. I wouldn't dare install DirectX
on any computer with a NIC, but don't have any use for a box without

Bob McConnell