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John Woodstock
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Default aprsd - igate

Hopefully someone can help me. I just downloaded and compiled the WA4DSY
Linux APRS server.

The compile and install went very smooth.

With a few tweaks to the 4 config files, I brought it up.. I pointed the
Java Applet at the server and voila, the map started filling up with

On the TNC side, I have the TNC attached, however I have not fired up the
radio side yet.. I wanted to make sure the traffic flowed properly before I
did that.

After running for a while, I noticed that the igate was not showing on the
map. I went to findu and looked under my call sign and -- nothing..

So it seems the inbound is working, but the outbound is not.

I did run the aprspass program to set the password to the value for my
callsign.. What am I missing.. I have sent the author an email, but as of
yet, no response.

Any thoughts?

Second Question - I'm running this igate because the machine I am running it
on is my IRLP node. I was hoping to use the program udp_example and load the
position for my IRLP node and follow the IVRS speck for the position
record.. That program talks to port 1315.. How would I structure the message
to that port to send out my node's position?

Thanks for any pointers..

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