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Default New 4nec2 version

Dan, I just loaded version 5.6 on my Windows XP computer, and it seems to
run fine. Also shows the NEC code, and the NEC output file. It can also
implement the Sommerfeld/Norton ground model. Just miss double clicking a
line of code to help with the card entry.


"dansawyeror" wrote in message

Has anyone tried this successfully? If so what OS and level did you use? I
tried, the installation went issue however attempts to execute the app
result in an error: 50003.

Has anyone successfully gotten this to work?

Thanks - Dan

Arie wrote:
For those still interested,

I just released the new 5.6. version for the 4nec2 antenna modeling
freeware, for which I created a much tighter interface with the
ItsHF/VOACAP propagation prediction software. For more info see