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Default 4nec2 and linux ??

Hi Dan

Yes I have tried and failed so far encountering a series of problems
centered around the bat file. Its been a while though so pls take the
following with memory fade in mind!

- The actual necd2.exe file baulks under wine with some kind of malloc
problem. I have however succesfully run it under DOSEMU, the DOS
emulator. The original problem I had under wine was also wine version
specific but I cant remember the details.

- The BAT file supplied by Arie has some characters/syntax that are
illegal under wine/DOSEMU. From memory these were tabs somewhere.
Replacing them with spaces fixed things. I dont know if Arie addressed
this in later versions or not.

- I had the system running at one stage by using the GUI and getting an
error doing the calculation. I then ran it manually under DOSEMU and
loaded the output file back into the GUI. Clunky but usable. My next
effort was going to be to modify the bat file as supplied with a pause
statement (and no calc) that gave me time to launch my own script under
DOSEMU. I was also looking into some way to launch a Linux script from a
bat file but never delved into that too far.

Hope this helps.. If I get excited over fixing this I may do some more

Cheers Bob W5/VK2YQA

dansawyeror wrote:


I am trying to run 4nec2 under linux using wine. It loads and runs fine
until a bat file is engaged. The bat files are not supported under
linux. Is there a way to translate bat files to linux?

Thanks - Dan