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L. M. Rappaport
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On 17 Jul 2003 17:02:34 -0700, (John Drake) wrote
(with possible editing):

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On 17 Jul 2003 10:54:51 -0700,
(John Drake) wrote:

Even though it isn't a rare, developing country he is going to, there
are hams in the U.S. who will want a QSL card from him, and he wants
to continue to QSL 100% as he does now.

I'd suggest he find a QSL manager in the U.S. to handle cards for him.
Much simpler for him, and also for anybody who wants a card from him.

That is a good suggestion, but he is very picky about such things. In
the ARRL Operating Manual, there is something mentioned about managers
volunteering to do it then after seeing how much work it is, giving
up, leaving other hams high and dry. His QSLing is very important to
him, and he wants it all done right. If we could find him someone who
is responsible and reliable enough to do it, he might consider that

You forgot to mention where he's going. In some developing countries,
mail theft is a big problem.....

73, Jim KH2D

He's going to be living in England, and isn't really concerned about
mail theft. He found a company called that will forward
his mail to the UK for him, and even let him decide what gets
forwarded and what gets tossed using the WWW. He's also using it for
personal mail in addition to QSLs, so he will definitely be getting a
forwarding service.


FWIW, the UK Postal Service is better than our own. I wouldn't
hesitate to use it.

My experience was working abroad in the UK and Europe for several
years in the 90's.


Larry W1HJF