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Old May 16th 06, 02:43 AM posted to,alt.west-virginia,
an old friend
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Default get help

an old freind wrote:
wrote:Retard Mark Morgan admits he wants
to suck Roger Wiseman off!

noby wants to suck wisemen

You do, faggot.

nope I don't

iwould for million dollars in cash in advance if he used acondom and I
could if wasn't clean enough to siot me

but even I would not want to do it

sodomized by an old freind wrote:
wrote:Poor Lardass Dvies he wants to suck
Roger Wiseman off badly!

Quit spamming, ****head.

you keep promising me you are going to stop me

The authorities are watching you, Markie.

nah only in your demented dreams wisemen

get help