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Default May Markie's mental illness get only worse

Billy Smith wrote:

Billy Smith wrote:


Woggy Humjobber Lardass Lloyd Austin Davies wrote:

On 21 Jul 2006 05:37:14 -0700,

an old freind wrote:

Not Cocksucker Lloyd wrote:

an_old_friend wrote:

may the lord bless and grant you reales from the mental illness that
traps you

Heal yourself, first. You are the one claiming a conspiracy against

becuase there is one you and Robeson consrpire to libel and harrass and
stalk me

Oh, didn't you know, everybody on the Internet hates you, queer.

Woggy knows

He knows you called him up and asked if you could suck his dick, Davies.

How do you know, loser? Did you beat him to it faggot? Try harder next
time queer bait

My, Lardass, you sure are defensive about that phone call. It's on
tape, like when Oris visited you.

Where's the so called tape or an MP3 of it then.

It's on a website. Deal with it, FATTY!