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Default More Morkie Mularkie

"K4YZ" wrote in message

Not Lloyd wrote:
"K4YZ" wrote in message

an old freind wrote:
just kidding but I hope folks enjoy the thought

We enjoy the thought of you going the wrong way on the Mackinaw
Bridge, Morkie.

Steve, K4YZ

Mackinaw...Mackinac? I've seen it spelled both ways.
It is a nice feat of engineering no matter your spelling preference.
Perhaps Mark should jump from it, eh?

You're probably right on the spelling....Although I did watch a
neat piece about the construction of the bridge in the mid-50's...WHEW!

Anyway, I doubt Morkie could find it, and even then he couldn't
figure out which way was "down"...!


Oh, I suppose he could ask directions. Somebody would be willing to show him
where "down" is. Heck, maybe he could enlist the aid of Wiseman who, I am
sure, would be more than willing to give Mark a shove in the proper
On the other hand, the Michigan DNR would most likely take a dim view of
Mark being dumped into their waterways. They have more than enough flotsam
to deal with as it is.
But then again....what is one more turd in the scheme of the already
polluted waterways?