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Default Roger released his cumload into Billy Smith's mouth

Billy Smith agreed he swallwed cum:

Billy Smith wrote:

Not Lloyd wrote:

Looks like Roger was released this morning. Too bad.

He had to make it to his job at the KFC

Lardass, you claim he has no job at all. Get your lies straight.

With you it is a day to day thing whether you will have a job or not.

Wrong again, fatass.

You don't have the backbone, work ethic, or anything else to offer so

You mean like you do, projecting boy!

you might be working at KFC or who knows where.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA Poor pizza boy, always shooting for mediocrity. And
failing as usual.

Billy Smith whined:

Billy Smith wrote:


Billy Smith wrote:

Not Cocksucker Lloyd wrote:

Sniveling **** wrote:

That's disgusting.

So's the fact you ****lap your Mommy's yeasty **** when she has her

Projecting again Scheissman? Isn't IKYABWAI

No, you are thinking about the projectile bowel evacuation your mommy
did that allowed your birth. Then your mommy projectile vomited your

Interesting considering that I don't have a sister.

Just because she calls herself "your mother" doesn't make it so,

Projecting IKYABWAI

Poor Lardass, 33 years old this month and still a virgin, who can't
get a girlfriend nor a date. He works a high school kid's job because
of he is an ill-educated mentally ill retard. Poor "Billy" he spends
his weekends online and getting drunk in a filthy HUD apartment.


Billy "Dumbass who can't put together a sentence" Smith shows off those
English skills, quite ironically in
"That's interesting there idiot. I bet you really did flunk high school
math and probably elementary too. Oh thats right, wasn't that when was
Floriduh. Spelled Florida but the DUH is for your Dumb Ass."

"wasn't that when was in Floriduh" - Billy makes good **** up!

Billy "shoots" himself in his palsied club foot once again in
Message-ID .net:
"Roger, shots himself in the foot"

Billy the "Rhodes" scholar ****s up again and even demonstrates he is
an imbecile in et:
"Right you are, wannabe Rhode's Scholar!"

Billy the illiterate retard Smith screws up again, and his illiteracy
is exposed. "It serves him right."
"Deserves him right."

Billy "retard" Smith confesses to his generally accepted retarded
status in . net:
"I'm a general retard. bwhahaha"

Billy "spelling champ of the general retards" Smith admits his bad
hygiene but is still in denial about his English skills in
. net
"Sure I can spell and smell."

"Billy" the NOtwordSmith ****s up again with this incompete sentence in
"So when you got divorced boy, did your finally figure out that your

Billy "cumgargler" Smith managed to awaken from his drunken stupor to
in :
"Isn't that you mom weighed"

Mr."Education" Billy Smith steps on his own dick again when he talks
about others' "educations" (or educatiion" as he spells it) in
"Uh, huh. Right LOSER. Still smoking that dope again? By the way how is
so called educatiion actually doing for you? Those online classes."

Billy Smith shows off his Pulitzer Prize writing skills in
"You're whole life has been exhaled before."

Billy "illiterate retard" Smith spikes the "HUH?" factor in this
slobbering in
"Come on, do it just have you some spiked Kool Aid."

"Didn't" your special-Ed teacher teach you how to spell, Billy?
"...didnt Marie teach you to play nice"

"Rhodes scholar" Billy Lardass Davies Smith blunders and blows his
cover again in . net:
"Rhode's scholar Scheissman blows his cover again."

Billy "dumbass" Smith steps on his own tiny dick when he tries to
criticize others' typos,but he doesn't "perform" well as usual with his
blatant "stupidity" in
. net:
"Noteed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwhahahahahahah. You're a brilliant one
You even peform stupid acts on your blatant stupidty"

Billy "dropout Lardass" Smith steps on his own dick when he tries to
comment on others' spelling abilities, but he "can't" do any better in
Message-ID: . net:
"Woger cant spell very well anyway."

Billy "dropout pizza BOY" Smith ****s up his sentence again when he
blathered in :
"How about those retest letter you received for jamming."

Billy "illiterate " Smith claims to have been in the Library, but he
can't even spell "I've" correctly, maybe Billy should check out the
English tutoring books there in
"Ive been to quite a few libraries on Sunday and a lot of them are