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Default New Omega One party game: Pass the beer enema.

How they play it:

N9OGL administers a large beer enema to AB8MQ.

KB9RQZ has a hollow tube in his anus. Woger backs up, butt to butt with
Markie and inserts the other end of the tube in his ass and passes the
enema to Markie who removes his end of the tube, holding in the enema he
just receive from Woger.

N0VFP now grabs and inserts the tube and Markie backs up to him and butt
to butt he passes the enema to Lloydie.

Lloyd holds the enema in for a while then passes it back to woger using
the above procedure. Then Toddie, Markie and Lloydie kneel down behind
Woger and Woger gives them the golden brown shower and they all fall to
the floor laughing to the music playing on Omega one.

When it's Markies turn, Todd likes to administer the enema to Markie like
he's sending CW. Long and short bursts. Markie hates CW and it always
****es him off when Todd Does that.