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From: on Thurs, Sep 21 2006 8:17 pm


IIRC, one of Larry Roll's duties was transporting senior citizens and
disabled people who couldn't drive. His work made it possible for them
to have much more mobility and independence.

That's nice. And before that, his (subsidized) work enabled the
freedoms that you take for granted.

Military servicemen are NOT subsidized. They are PAID for
their service by the government.

Public transportation is NEVER sulf-sustaining, ALWAY subsidized.

Some military personnel PAY the dearest price of all: Their
LIFE. Over three thousand United States military persons
paid that price in Iraq alone since our invasion of that
country in 2003.

Many just pay with failed marriages and alcohol abuse from the long
separations and stresses of military life. Others do pay with their

I wonder what Jimmy thinks is a "subsidy" for volunteering
to give their LIFE for their country?

Consider the survivoring families of the WTC VS the surviving military
families of the Pentagon...

Some hit the jackpot, other got enough to bury their loved ones.

Larry Roll was a MSgt in the USAF. If I understand his period of
service, his "inactive" service commitment of 10 years just expired.
That's twenty years of putting your freedoms ahead of himself and his
family, followed by another 10 years of being on call to do it again.

Brian, that is irrelevant to Jimmy. Jimmy knows nothing of
military service, isn't involved, isn't a participant, never
was, never volunteered, wan't even a ("subsidized")
government worker.

Here's a plain and simple fact: By all apearances in this
newsgroup, James Miccolis has only ONE standard of others:
Morsemen are "good," non-morsemen are "bad, wrong, in error"
(and usually of lesser status as human beings).

It's the amateur morsemen's way...

If so, he has very sad outlook on life.