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Default trolling right along

KHB wrote:

I'm sorry if you were insulted, Hans - that was not my intent.

Tsk, you were trying to insult me, not Hans.

I wasn't *trying* to insult anyone, Len.

I wonder what you would have said if you were actually "trying?"

Equating military service with welfare is about all I can take.

I'm not "taking" any of it.

Jimmie can go over to his nearest military recruitment station
and repeat his "subsidy" crack to any military person in there.

After that, the "fourth morseketeer" would be absent from RRAP.

I disagree.

I think your average service person knows that their is a large segment
of US society that looks down on them. But they are intelligent enough
to know just how wrong that segment of society is. The servicemen and
women stand guard without thought to their popularity.

In other words, Jim would be perfectly safe in any recruiter's office,
though his visit might be short. Unless he wound up in Robesin's dads
recruiter office...

I'll concede that you have the more realistic scenario of today's
recruiting office. Those military members ARE intelligent and
they are motivated. Today's military members aren't the dumb
misfits portrayed by "the liberals." However, there's also
"conservatives" who think little of the military...except as fine
words to spout come election time.

There's a parallel in amateur radio recruiting. From the ARRL
down, the higher-ups love to look down on aspirants as
dummies in if their lofty elite positions made them
"expert." These self-proclaimed gods of radio then wonder
why there isn't more participation and - especially - why
there's so little love for their self-righteous precious, noble,
best-of-all-possible-modes (in their minds), radiotelegraphy.

It's still a puzzle why an ex-USN type would be at any Army
recruiting office as a Robesin once stated. But
that can be relegated to just-another-delusional-dream of the