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Default trolling right along

KHB wrote:
I'm sorry if you were insulted, Hans - that was not my intent.
Tsk, you were trying to insult me, not Hans.
I wasn't *trying* to insult anyone, Len.
I wonder what you would have said if you were actually "trying?"
Len feels insulted whenever disagrees with him here, or proves him to
be mistaken about something.

Equating military service with welfare is about all I can take.
Who did that? Not me. I didn't use the word "welfare", Brian. You did.

Are subsidies and welfare the same thing to you?
Is military service and non-military service the same thing to you?

Jimmie was never in the military. He was never a participant. He
has never been in government service of any kind. Jimmie has
never volunteered to serve his country in anything. Jimmie has
never taken that Oath that real veterans took. He is superior.
He is an amateur extra morseman.

Not much is known about Jim, except the usual liberal disdain for the
US military and military members.

That might be interesting if it were true. You've fabricated though.
I've noted no disdain for either the military, its members or its
veterans, from Jim.

And that He thinks his favorite mode should be forced down everyone's

That's a fabrication too.

Dave K8MN